MKMMA Week 8

To say this has been a struggle is an understatement. It is hard to believe how much baggage I have collected over the years. I realized I have numerous opinions and even though I thought I was a somewhat positive person, I have struggled with the 7 Day Mental Diet to eliminate the entertainment of negative thoughts in my head. One of the blogs I’m following really describes this well.

Then there is the nasty procrastination thing which is why we are told to repeat “DO IT NOW” and to write down little tasks on a card to do with a completion date. Starting with I promise to… and ending with I always keep my promises. Gosh how many promises to myself have I broken?

So many hang ups but my favorite blog this week narrowed it down to 2 words. STOP IT. Please take the time to watch the video on this post, it is not only entertaining but truly drives the point home

Thanks to everyone making this journey possible.



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